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 The Official Course Handbook


  • Official Course Handbook download, including visual aids that were custom designed specifically for our guitar course:
    • The official guitar course handbookn download, including all of the finger charts and graphs used in the video lessons.
    • A guitar fingering encyclopedia, with nearly every chord and scale pattern known to man.
    • A fretboard chart, notation flashcards and much, much more.
    • Large easy to read scale and chord fingering charts. 
    • Scotty's famous musical sliderule.

Student Feedback

and well organized ...
infinitely accessible"

Mike Moore
- Williamsburg, VA, USA


"I must say
I've never heard
anyone explain
music and the
guitar in such
a concise and
way ... very

Craig Dobyski
- Westminster, MD, USA


"I just wanted
to let you know
that your program
will make a better
musician of me. I
can't tell you how
much better I can
see and understand
now. It's kind of like
a blind man seeing
for the first time."


Ed McNevin
- Streamwood, IL, USA


"I was actually
laughing because
you made it so simple.
I never viewed a DVD
that presented so
much information
in 1 hour."


John Cipriano
- Hamilton, NJ, USA


"Thank you for an
excellent course.
I did have a lot of
doubt when I
purchased it.
Your course is
well well worth
the money. You
could have even
charged more!"


Tuan Nguyen
- Chicago, IL, USA