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Order Your Official Course Handbook Here! Only $19.95

 The Official Course Handbook


  • Official Course Handbook, including visual aids that were custom designed specifically for our guitar course:
    • The official guitar course handbook, including all of the finger charts and graphs used in the video lessons.
    • A guitar fingering encyclopedia, with nearly every chord and scale pattern known to man.
    • A fretboard chart, notation flashcards and much, much more.
    • Large easy to read scale and chord fingering charts. 
    • Scotty's famous musical sliderule (app launching summer 2023)  until the app launces you will recive a hard copy of the slide rule in the mail so be sure to include your shipping details in your order.

Once you purchase your handbook you may download either the original right handed or the left handed edition.

 Scotty's Music Slide Rule

Be sure to include your Shipping details, as its impossible to download the slide rule in hard copy form, Scotty will ship one off to you free of charge.

Student Feedback

and well organized ...
infinitely accessible"

Mike Moore
- Williamsburg, VA, USA


"I must say
I've never heard
anyone explain
music and the
guitar in such
a concise and
way ... very

Craig Dobyski
- Westminster, MD, USA


"I just wanted
to let you know
that your program
will make a better
musician of me. I
can't tell you how
much better I can
see and understand
now. It's kind of like
a blind man seeing
for the first time."


Ed McNevin
- Streamwood, IL, USA


"I was actually
laughing because
you made it so simple.
I never viewed a DVD
that presented so
much information
in 1 hour."


John Cipriano
- Hamilton, NJ, USA


"Thank you for an
excellent course.
I did have a lot of
doubt when I
purchased it.
Your course is
well well worth
the money. You
could have even
charged more!"


Tuan Nguyen
- Chicago, IL, USA