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Support Materials


Scotty's famous color-coded guitar scale and chord fingering charts are much better than those old black and white finger charts. They tell you much more than just where to position your fingers. They show you how each note functions in the scale or chord it is in, and how it works with other scales and chords in a song. This is critical for lead guitarists and folks interested in song writing and improvising. As you learn these new finger patterns, your ear training and guitar music theory knowledge expands as well. Most every guitar chord, scale, mode and arpeggio pattern known to man is featured in this simple, well organized resource ... and it's all integrated with the official course handbook and the DVD guitar lessons themselves.

The official course handbook complements and reenforces the video guitar lessons making memorization and review of material a snap. All the guitar finger charts and graphics that Scotty shows you in the DVD guitar lessons are reprinted in your book so you can study them up close while viewing the video guitar lessons on your TV or PC. Created by a professional graphic artist, these charts and illustrations are simple to read and understand. Scotty can make even the most complex music theory easy to comprehend. The information is presented in logical order so that each lesson flows into the next. This allows folks to truly understand the interconnections between scales and modes ... melody and improvisation ... chords and progressions and how it all works together to make up the tunes we like to play. Supporting text helps lock the material in your mind making it easy to memorize.

Scotty's Famous Musical Sliderule!

Memorizing guitar Scale and Chord patterns is easy with this handy little tool. Spell any chord, scale, mode, arpeggio, and chord progression in any key with ease. Scotty created it nearly 25 years ago and keeps improving it. His private students all get one.

Master tablature ... "tabs" as they are popularly known. Learn to play thousands of popular songs on the web by learning this essential style of guitar notation.

Scotty's old friend master Blues man Dan Lawson stops by to jam!

Legendary blues man Danny Lawson drops by to show us 6 pages crammed full of classic blues rock riffs ... all tabbed out and time synced to the video so you get an up-close look at the finger positions. We provide jam tracks so you can practice your new soloing skills with a prerecorded rhythm section.

You don't have to read music to take the course, but we do cover that topic as well. Many folks are put off by standard music notation just because nobody ever managed to explain it to them in a way they could understand. But that's one of Scotty's specialties. He'll de-mystify this fascinating subject so that you'll be able reap the benefits of reading guitar notation. It's easier than you might think!


Student Feedback

and well organized ... 
infinitely accessible"

Mike Moore 
- Williamsburg, VA, USA


"I must say 
I've never heard
anyone explain 
music and the 
guitar in such 
a concise and 
way ... very 

Craig Dobyski 
- Westminster, MD, USA


"I just wanted 
to let you know 
that your program 
will make a better 
musician of me. I 
can't tell you how 
much better I can 
see and understand 
now. It's kind of like
a blind man seeing 
for the first time."


Ed McNevin 
- Streamwood, IL, USA


"I was actually 
laughing because 
you made it so simple.
I never viewed a DVD 
that presented so 
much information 
in 1 hour."


John Cipriano 
- Hamilton, NJ, USA


"Thank you for an 
excellent course. 
I did have a lot of 
doubt when I 
purchased it. 
Your course is 
well well worth 
the money. You 
could have even 
charged more!"


Tuan Nguyen 
- Chicago, IL, USA