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Guitar Tricks

Guitar tricks, articles and tips

You'll come to find that the world of guitar education is cluttered with mythology, hype and misinformation.

In these fascinating articles Scotty cuts through the noise to give you a more realistic vision of what it means to be a real musician/guitarist.

You may find that the path to true musicianship is a little longer and more complex than you thought, but the rewards are very real. You could eventually play, compose and improvise as well as or better than your fondest guitar heroes.

True Musicianship

What does it take to be a real musician and not merely a guitar player?

— Scotty West

The Guitar, To Play or Not To Play?

The guitar has grown to be the most popular instrument in the western world, but is it for you?

— Scotty West

All Hail The Chromatic Scale

If music is a language, then the chromatic scale is the alphabet. If you don't know the alphabet, you don't know nuthin' about the guitar.

— Scotty West

Practice Man, Practice!

It takes real work to be a real guitar player... are you ready?

— Scotty West

The Musical Number System

50 pitch patterns, 12 keys, that's 600 combinations to learn... or is it?

— Scotty West

Scotty's Secrets of Improvisation

Find out how to solo like a pro. Its all about ear training.

— Scotty West

Top 5 Tips For Beginner Guitar Players

Start your guitar playing on the right track for maximum satisfaction.

— Scotty West

Getting The Right Guitar

Don't learn guitar with the wrong instrument!

— Scotty West

Guitar Is Not NASCAR

Are faster players better players? How guitar lessons, theory and ear training help you become the guitar player you always wanted to be.

— Scotty West

Slash Blows It Big Time On National Television

Is Slash really the great guitar player that everyone says?

— Scotty West

Power Chord Purgatory

How guitar lessons can help you rise above the Rock n' Roll hype.

— Scotty West

Was Jimi Hendrixs' Guitar Playing Really All That Great?

Jimi certainly taught us to take the guitar in a new direction, but in the end he had his limitations.

— Scotty West


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Mike Moore 
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Craig Dobyski 
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Ed McNevin 
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